For Employers

It is our objective to find the right person for the right job.



Below is our recruitment methodology that we follow with every new client;

  • The vacancy
    We visit your premises to discuss and gain a better understanding of your vacancy, the position description, the personality preferred, the working environment, health and safety requirements etc.

  • Finding the right candidates
    We advertise for both specific positions and on a broader base for general vacancies. Searching and identifying suitable candidates is via print and web based advertising as well as accessing our comprehensive industry database.
  • Competency based interviewing
    We interview suitable candidates with questions individually tailored to meet the role’s requirement.
  • Reference checking
    We carry out employment and background checks on all candidates. Thorough reference checking gives an insight into each candidate’s personality, their skill level, ability and how well they have been applied in practice.
  • Follow up
    Once placed in a position our Consultants make contact on a regular basis with the candidate and client to ensure both parties’ expectations are being met.